Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding Update: The Photographer II

(PICTURE: The first picture that shows up when you google wedding photographers.)

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that most wedding photographers DO NOT TAKE PICTURES AT THE WEDDING! This is a huge difference between American weddings and Vietnamese weddings. I have been to some wedding here that have a photographer/videographer but that is not part of the usual package that most wedding shops offer.

It is definitely possible to get someone to take pictures at the wedding and we're looking into this. My mom also suggested having everyone take pictures and then I can put together an album on Snapfish or some other website and print out a few copies for our family and Huyen's. Personally I think this is a great idea since a lot of my friends (especially from LA) are fantastic photographers. I'm hoping that one or two of them will come to the wedding and can take pictures. So if you're reading this LA people (Sam, Tom, Sebastian), you better be coming out to 'Nam!


Anonymous said...

strange! maybe this is a new phenomenon due to the crop of wedding studios popping up in the city.. my parents when they got married in the 80's definitely had pictures taken during the ceremony

ed said...

hey nice blog! just passing by :)