Friday, July 4, 2008


(PICTURE: I love America...but maybe my friend Mark from Camp Airy loves it a little bit more...)

Hey, England, how'd it feel to get your ass kicked!!!! Happy Birthday, America!!!

Although technically Hanoi is 11 hours ahead of the East Coast in America, for the fourth of July we're a good twenty four hours behind. The big July 4th celebration here isn't until tomorrow evening.

Yeah, that's right, there is a July 4th celebration in Hanoi. The irony couldn't be thicker. My personal theory is this: The Vietnamese get to say, "The Americans beat the British and we beat the Americans so we're stronger than the Americans and the British." Regardless tomorrow night I'll be chowing down on burgers and downing beer at the American club telling tall tales to some British expats about when my great-great-great-great Grandma single handedly killed a legion of red coats.