Friday, June 26, 2009

Gone Fishing...

(PICTURE: My grandpa Macky fishing.)

I have always loved to fish. I have so many fishing memories from being the king of fishing at Jeff Lakes Camp in 1st grade to catching a whale of a fish in a small lake with my Dad and sister to going out to Long Island once a summer during college and fishing with my buddy Shankles to bi-yearly deep-sea fishing trips in LA.

There's no doubt that I've gotten my love of fishing from my father who grew up going out on boats with my grandpa Macky. Here's a couple other pictures of my grandfather out on the sea:
(PICTURE: My grandpa Macky was the captain of his own boat...)

(PICTURE: ...and dressed like the captain on a cruise ship. Lounging to his left is my grandma Nanny and lounging to her left is my Aunt Jane.)

Today I'm in Long Island, fishing with my college buddies Shankles and Ryan. If I catch anything good I'll be sure to brag about it tomorrow!