Saturday, May 7, 2011

Three Years

(PICTURE: This is how we've been sitting for 4-8 hours ever day, for five weeks!)

The other day I was wearing my bar mitzvah t-shirt (yes, I still wear my bar mitzvah t-shirt) and Huyen said, "Your Bar Mitzvah was May 2nd? That's the day we met." I'm not sure if this ever occurred to me, but yes, Huyen and I met exactly 16 years after my bar mitzvah. Last week being the anniversary of when I became a man, meant a little something extra since it was also three years from the day that Huyen and I met -- clearly a lot of great things have happened since then.

While riding together on the motorbike, I had a thought: this trip is the ultimate relationship test. Over the past five weeks, 95% of the time, Huyen and I have been physically less than a foot apart from each other. Seriously less than a foot. I mean when we're not inches apart from each other on the motorbike we're either eating next to each other or sleeping together in bed. The only time we've been apart has been during a couple of mornings when I had to do some work and Huyen ran an errand or two. Now think about that for a second, do you know any couple -- excluding perhaps people who work together and share a small office space -- who have ever continuously spent that much time together? I'm not trying to one-up anyone but it occurred to me that I've never been in such close proximity to ANYONE, EVER. And somehow we've managed not to have any fights! Well, at least not anything more than small squabbles over directions!