Sunday, June 29, 2008

Michael and Kari

I woke up yesterday morning with an interesting email:

Subject: Crazy
From: Michael Levy
To: Ben August

Dude, I'm engaged...

Yes, this is pretty crazy. Michael and Kari reconnected at our ten year high school November....of 2007. Yeah, that's right, seven months ago. Ever since Mike started talking to Kari again he's been crazy. And no, not the usually crazy-angry Mike but a good crazy-happy Mike. Every time I've talked to Mike since then he's been with Kari...even that time he told me, "Bro, I'm sooo busy with med-school work I can't possibly come to NYC to see you before you go to 'Nam." Yeah, that time he was with Kari too...and I can only assume giving her some kind of medical exam because my oldest friends in the world would never lie to me!

Anyway, I'm really excited for you guys. Kari I hope you're prepared to:
1. Eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches the rest of your life.
2. To either never eat crust again or to finish all of Michael's crust.
3. To build a lot of forts in the woods.
4. To get irrationally angry from time to time. i.e. You carpool to an event and don't get dropped off first.
5. To go bowling once a week.
6. To have your children speak two languages: a) English b) Lebowski
7. To eat Mark Burger's whenever you go to Borden place.
8. Never go to a professional hockey game without Michael crying first (Yeah, Mike, my dad is still pissed)
9. To make fake id's when your kids go to college.
10. To wake up to that grin every morning for the rest of your life. Yeah, the same one in the picture above.

Congrats, guys! Now please plan the wedding date around my quarter life crisis.