Friday, February 5, 2010

Night Market & Tofu Shop

Despite being here for so long, I still constantly find things and places that get me really excited. The other night, Huyen and I went to this night market to get some food to make dinner:

Every night in Hanoi there are lots of little street markets that formulate after sundown. I took the photo above while Huyen negotiated around the corner. Sometimes I hide out so that we don't get charged foreigner prices.

After we bought a bunch of vegetables we headed to this tofu shop:

This one-man operation is in a small alleyway and sells some of the best tofu I've had in Vietnam (Japanese tofu is still much better). You order how much tofu you want by the length. The man then takes out a ruler and slices your tofu. Each block costs 1,000 Dong. That's a nickel in America.