Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes a man has to squat too...

(PICTURE: The bathroom at one of our non-star guest houses we stayed at.)

I got a few emails recently from friends and readers offering to pay for a nice hotel for Huyen and me. I just want to clarify something: Huyen and I don't say, "Hey, lets find the grossest guest house so it'll make a good blog." The thing is, we've been driving in the back country where places to stay are few and far between. We feel lucky when we pull up to a place that lets us crash for the night. Well, perhaps lucky isn't exactly the right word.

I'll have a few more guest house stories the next time I download pictures. However, the other night we stayed in one -- which was buggy but otherwise not too bad -- and the owner of the place said to us the next morning, "You aren't traveling with a tent? Many foreigners travel with a tent." It didn't even occur to me to travel with a tent although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been legal...however, the idea is definitely intriguing if we ever do this again!

Anyway, people, I appreciate the hotel present offers but I promise that if we ever have a choice between a room with a used condom on the floor and one without, we'll take the one without.