Thursday, May 7, 2009


(PICTURE: Oot preparing our boat.)

On our second full day in Babe, Oot took us out for a day on the lake. She told us we had two options (she always seems to have two options):

Option 1: Go on a fast boat with all the tourists.

Option 2: Go on her wooden boat.

We chose option two. To call her boat a boat is slightly pushing it. It's really more of a hallowed out tree trunk shaped sort of like a canoe.

The advantage of Oot's boat was that it was extremely relaxing. Huyen and I drifted off to sleep a few times while Oot worked her butt off. The downside of Oot's boat was that it was slow as hell. We were out on the lake for about four hours, hence why we kept falling asleep.

As you've read, Huyen isn't much of a swimmer. Shockingly our guest house had a lifejacket Huyen borrowed. Also, Oot brought along with us two life-preservers....which turned out to be great neck rests.

Our destination was a waterfall. To get to the waterfall, Oot brought us to shore and then pointed us down a trail in a cornfield.

(PICTURE: Our trail.)

The trail had a few obstacles along the way but finally led to the waterfall...where all the fast boats were parked.

(PICTURE: Huyen and I in front of the waterfall...which you can't really see.)

Overall, it was a great day out and a fantastic way to relax our muscles after the long trek the day before. By "our muscles" I of course mean Huyen and I. Oot, a grandmother, did the trek the day before and rowed us all day without breaking a sweat.