Sunday, August 1, 2010


(PICTURE: Kickstands are only for parking.)

One of my hobbies recently has been to look out for fellow motorists who have forgotten to put their kickstand up before driving. Why do I do this? Well, I'm not really sure but it definitely makes me feel like a good Samaritan. You see, Huyen has told me 38,433 times that driving witha kickstand down is "really really dangerous." Apparently if you make a left turn and your kickstand is down it can end pretty tragically. I must admit that I've forgotten to put my kickstand up a few times and have had a very bumpy and nearly dangerous left turn. Once or twice someone has ridden up to me and told me that my kickstand was down. Every time this has happened, I've felt pretty thankful. To return the favor, I've developed an eagle's eye for kickstands in the down position. This week I've told four people to fix their kickstand. In return, I've been told once that mine was down.

I wish I had a video of me being a good kickstand Samaritan but it usually goes exactly like this:
BEN: Hey, Mister/Ms.!!!!
STRANGER: (Look at me strangely wondering why a foreigner has ridden up next to them and is yelling at them).
BEN: (Points finger at kickstand)

I then ride away as fast as I can to save them from having to offer me coffee or gold for potentially saving their lives.