Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Update #2

(PICTURE: Nope, this isn't the same picture as yesterday. We're just standing in front of the same government building and I'm wearing the same shirt.)

After receiving our final stamp, Huyen and I drove back to Ha Nam in the middle of the week. We showed up at the government office first thing in the morning so that we could quickly drop off our paperwork and then drive back to Hanoi to go to work. Well, in Vietnam nothing is ever that easy. After three different people looked over our paperwork, we were given another set of applications to fill in which took about an hour.

(PICTURE: Huyen with our completed application form.)

Finally, after one more office worker looked over our application, we officially handed in all of our paperwork. We were told that we would be called within a week to come back to Ha Nam to have an interview. The interview is supposed to prove that we really love each other and will involve Huyen, myself, a government worker and a translator. As ridiculous as that interview sounds, I can't wait for it because a) it'll make a great blog b) it should have taken place about two weeks ago. The call "within a week" has already turned into three weeks.