Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As you may recall, I think my new house is haunted. When we first toured the house -- which was in the middle of being built -- there was a doll facing a wall in an empty room. Yeah, Blair Witch Style. I tried taking two pictures of the doll and they both came out fuzzy. Maybe it was the weak camera battery or maybe it was spirits.

It turns out that there was another huge box of dolls in the house which used to belong to the owners daughter and for some reason they want to store at our house. They put the dolls on our fifth floor, in an empty room in front of the balcony where we hang our laundry, and wrapped them in a plastic sheet. Why they need to store the dolls here, I don't know. I also haven't seen THE DOLL that was standing in the corner. No, I'm not joking.

Well, since we've moved in there have been lots of little signs that there is a ghost. A few strange things:

1. The window in my bathroom randomly rattles all the time when I'm in my bathroom.

2. One day I came home and my door was open. This is odd since I always lock it before I leave the house. What was weird is that the door handle was still locked but the door was open.

3. A few times I've been doing work in my room and have heard a knock on my door. I get up thinking it's Ryan and well, nobody is there...and Ryan isn't home.

4. Yesterday I went upstairs to hang my clothes to dry and about a dozen of the dolls were scattered across the floor in the room they're stored in. Somehow they had gotten out of the box and moved about ten feet away from it.

There's only two explanations for #4: a) The construction was so strong yesterday that it shook the box open and scattered the dolls. b) A ghost did it.

Lets just hope the ghost is friendly.