Friday, April 9, 2010


Do women breastfeed in public in America? I feel like I've seen it in some movies but I can't remember ever seeing it in person. Well, in Vietnam I've seen it in person a hell of a lot. Many mothers here have no shame when it comes to whipping out their boob and letting their little one have a drink. I've got countless stories of being in awkward situations with women and their exposed breast. However, I'm writing this blog because this morning, when riding my bike home from the gym, I was eye to eye with a woman's breast and a baby's lips. As I was riding my bike a bus pulled up besides me. I turned my head and BAM right in the window was a booby. This woman was on a public bus, with a window seat, driving on a busy road yet had her child sucking away. I'm not complaining but frankly Vietnam traffic is dangerous enough without having to be distracted by breasts!