Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music Video

You may have noticed over the last year that I like to make music videos....or really videos set to music. I make no claims to be good at editing and am admittedly an amateur. For inspiration I've looked towards the works of some great masters of film: John Ford, Billy Wilder, Milos Forman, Martin Scorsese, Coppola, Sydney Pollack, Sam Friedlander, the Coen Brothers, William Friedkin, Robert Redford, Hitchcock, King Kidor, etc. etc. However, there is one inspiration that trumps all the others: my buddy Tom. You may remember Tom from this photo:

Over the last couple of years Tom has been making music videos in his free time. Tom, like in his bathing suit, likes to get freaky with his work. Here's his latest video in his own words:

Please check out the new music video i directed for the song "Funeral Pyre Eyes" by ALL PARALLELS. The idea behind the video is that i took an old Earth Wind and Fire music video and put the 3 members of ALL PARALLELS in the video with them.

Pass this on to everybody you can and leave a comment if you could.

ok, hope you enjoy, time to get funky!

Thomas Tancred