Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm single!!!!

RELAX, LADIES!!!! I'm not single single. I've just never been married. The second step in getting married abroad is to sign an affidavit declaring that you're single. To make this declaration I had to pay the US Embassy $30. Clearly a lot of Americans have gone through this process because the embassy has a form conveniently already written-up. I merely had to fill in the blanks with my name, Huyen's name and some other biographical information. My favorite part of the form though was this:

In the fill in the blank form I had to circle that, "I love her." I thought it would have been funnier if they had a scale with options: "Circle 1 if you 'like her'. Circle 2 if you 'love her'. Circle 3 if you 'really really really like her'. Circle 4 if you 'Love her soooooooo much'."

So I got my medical test and my affidavit of single status. Next up, a bunch of other forms and hurdles...