Sunday, July 20, 2008

Salter Sisters Part II

Those long time ahoyhanoi fans might recall my journey through Australia back in February. Those were the days before the awards and the glitz and glamor so I know it's kind of a blur.

Well, if you recall, I stayed at the house of my friend Lily Salter in Perth. While there I quickly befriended the whole Salter family including Lily's sister Ana (we talked every morning when I woke up freakishly early and she was preparing to go to University) and her heart-breaking/finger biting dog Reuben. Here's the link to that posting:

Well this past week the Salter Sisters dropped into Hanoi to spend some time with me. Some highlights included:
1. A ridiculous amount of eating.
2. Full body massages. The Salters had two in 72 hours.
3. Huyen getting her first massage ever along with us and declaring after, "I feel like I have new legs."
4. Seeing the maturation of Lily. In one week I only saw her eat one booger versus the one per hour in Australia.
5. Becoming a full on Xe-On driver. I drove Anna all over the city while recruiting Ryan and Huyen to drive Lily. At one point though I had no back-up driver and drove both of them on my bike....which I later found out is illegal....despite everyone doing it all the time in the city.
6. Getting two flat tires. Coincidence or was this directly related to #5.
7. Drinking more coffee than I have since I first arrived. Lily would average about 5 Vietnamese coffees with condenced milk per day.
8. Karaoking with my Pre Int. 1 class. The boys were in 7th heaven hanging out with the Aussies.

Yesterday Lily took off to meet a friend in Thailand to go trekking. This to me is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard since Lily is the most notorious lazy person on the planet. Once again you long time blog readers may recall me bitching about renting a tandem bike with Lily in Rottnest Island, Australia. (
She literally pedaled for about five minutes over a five hour period. Anyway, here's us at a cafe talking about Lily's upcoming trip. I've put 3:1 odds down that Lily will quit the trek by day three.