Monday, May 4, 2009

Typical Day

(PICTURE: My 9AM class on my birthday.)

I thought I'd share one of my typical days with everyone:

7:00 AM Wake Up
7:30 AM Eat breakfast at the local market ($0.25)
8:00 AM Get to school, check my email (read about the Boston Bruins), and prepare my classes. Up until two months ago I didn't go to school until 3PM. However, I have taken on two classes recently to get some extra money before going home.
11:00 AM I finish my first class and go to the swimming pool. ($2.75 to swim)
12:30 PM Eat lunch ($0.85)
1:30 PM Teach a second class
4:00 PM Go to a cafe and write my blog(s).
5:30 PM Teach a family at their home.
7:30 PM Teach my final class at school.
9:00 PM Go to dinner with Huyen. (around $10 depending on where we eat).
10:30 PM Play pool or watch a movie with Huyen.

That is my schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I only work three hours and write/exercise/eat/nap the rest of the day. Yeah, it's a pretty good life.

Thank You!/Worst Brother-In-Law Ever/Happy Birthday Lippman!

Last night I got back from a four day motorbike trip with Huyen to Babe Lake. The trip was amazing and I'll post pictures as soon as I download them...which isn't easy since my camera has been on the fritz for months.

Anyway, when I opened up my email yesterday I had almost two dozen emails with donations towards Habitat For Humanity. I also had a couple emails from my mother about all the envelopes that had arrived at my house. After counting up the total, we're halfway to reaching my goal of $2,000!!! That said, we're only halfway. I hope those readers out there send a couple bucks in the mail. We wouldn't be anywhere close to the halfway mark if it wasn't for the small contributors as well as the big contributors.

I want to take a moment and apologize to my sister-in-law Kathy. I am the worst brother-in-law ever. Not only did I forget her birthday but I also posted my dog post on her birthday. Kathy is one of the biggest dog lovers in the world. Sorry, Kathy!...but all dogs go to heaven, right? That said, she got revenge on me: she taught Lilah how to crawl! How freaking cruel is that?! She couldn't wait one more week to start crawling. Thanks a lot, Lilah/Kathy.

(PICTURE: Rocky is pissed that he's now gonna have competition for scraps on the floor.)

(PICTURE: Crawling is tiring. Luckily Lilah's got a great pillow -- my dad.)

Finally, happy birthday Adam Lippman! Welcome to the now populated thirty club. Adam, is one of my oldest friends who recently got himself a great birthday present -- a fiance.

My favorite memory of Adam took place in my driveway about fifteen years ago. My friends and I were playing roller hockey and all of a sudden Lippman was in a fight with our friend Wishnia. Wishnia, mind you, is the biggest/toughest/strongest kid I have ever known. Somehow Lippman won the fight. After that Buster Douglas moment, I can't remember anyone ever fighting Lippman again.

(Adam and his fiance Erika.)