Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you pregnant yet?

Coming from America, you always expect the first people to pressure you into having kids to be your parents. However, in Vietnam, everyone pressures you into having kids ASAP. I swear to you that at the wedding, more than a couple of Vietnamese people asked me when we were going to have children. Since the wedding, a countless number of times people have asked Huyen, "Are you pregnant yet?" Even today, we saw one of my friends (who was married in October and is six months pregnant) who basically yelled at us to get knocked up.

This is definitely a case of cultural differences. In Vietnam -- as I've mentioned on here before but now that I'm married it is really hitting home -- people get pregnant right after (or right before) the wedding. People just don't seem to understand the "we're planning on getting pregnant in two years" excuse we keep telling everyone. We literally get looks as if we're Galileo trying to explain to people that the Earth is round. People have inevitably started to ask questions and wonder, "What's wrong?" now that we've been married for nearly two months and don't have a bun in the oven.

Yup, I sure can't wait to get back to American where we'll have at least a year or so before my parents start to ask us when their next grandkid is coming.