Saturday, June 26, 2010

Playoff Beards

(PICTURE: The guys and our facial hair after the USA vs. Algeria game.)

You may have noticed some funky facial hair in my recently posted pictures. For the last three weeks, none of us have shaved (although a couple of the guys did some trimming). We all agreed a few weeks ago to grow out our Group C playoff beards for fun. After the itching started, we decided to axe the beard idea and change it into not-so-stylish playoff mustaches. Here's a closer look at our individual styles:

(PICTURE: Me wanting to be Johnny Depp.)

(PICTURE: Devin with his Harley Davidson handlebar look.)

(PICTURE: Dave's imitation of Bull Hurley from the film classic "Over The Top.")

(PICTURE: I like to call this "The Rat".)