Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Babies On Parade

(PICTURE: This is the age we should be having babies!...I'm talking about the age of the guy on the right.)

As I walked the parade route yesterday, I occasionally heard people calling out my name. Sitting and standing on the sidewalk were old friends of mine, parents of old friends of mine, former teachers of mine and former coaches of mine.

Seeing everyone made me realize that, well, I'm getting kind of old. All but one of my old classmates was at the parade with their baby. First there was my friend Andy's sister with her two children. Then there was my good friend Christie with her 8-month-old (http://www.ghetianbaby.blogspot.com). Next there was my friend Danielle LeBenger with her blue-eyed baby (age unknown to me). And then finally was my co-senior superlative best athlete Peter Cullen and his wife Amanda with their (I think) 4-month-old baby. Also next to Pete was baseball great Mike Violette. I don't know if Mike is married with a kid but I think there was a second baby carriage next to Peter's so I can only assume it was Violette's (unless he was using it as an easy way to carry his baseball glove and bats).

Finally on the route I saw my friend/LHS golf legend/my old carpool buddy Rob Fink. I'm happy to report that Rob -- although married -- was at least for the moment baby free. Thank you, Rob.