Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello New Friends

If people are trying to make me feel loved right before my wedding, it is definitely working! Since last Wednesday, Ahoy Hanoi has been blowing up! I'm not sure if it was my 1,000th post or just a sudden interest in Vietnam, but people have been flocking to the blog.

Last Wednesday 551 people read the blog. Then on Thursday 836 people read the blog. On Friday, Ahoy Hanoi reached its all time daily high of 932 people! Then on the weekend -- generally a slower time for the blog -- 699 people read it on Saturday and 721 on Sunday.

In five days, people from 92 different countries read the blog (including all 50 US states and 2 US provinces). As much as I'd like to think that these people came to read what I was writing, my guess is that they stumbled on to my blog by typing some holiday season related words like snowman. So in hopes of catching more readers with holiday spirit, let me say five things:
1. There are Christmas Trees in Hanoi
2. I didn't see anyone celebrating Hanukkah
3. Santa Clause apparently stops in Vietnam
4. There probably won't be a white Christmas in Hanoi this year. That's just a guess.
5. I think I saw a snowman in the Old Quarter.

Welcome new readers! Ahoy Hanoi!