Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Could Be A Rich Man In China

(One of my recovered pictures from my hard drive. I knew that $200 was worth it.)

In Beijing many street vendors sold cockroaches on a stick. Um, delicious.

Well, I need to figure out how to start an export business because I've just struck gold--cockroach gold. Turns out that my house is situated above a cockroach colony. Okay, I'm being dramatic...all of Vietnam is situated above a cockroach colony. Check out this footage.

Two Things

1. I'm sick as a dog again. No, Mom, I don't have Dengue fever. I think my body is just reacting to being around so many teenagers every day who are used to living in a society where picking your nose and flinging it is not considered disgusting. I mean, come on people, this isn't my living room in New Jersey!

2. I just read Steve Song's blog and apparently he's coming back to Hanoi in October for a week or so. Song, you're not getting your camera back (which clearly I'm not using enough of since this is a picture free entry).

Going to bed...