Thursday, December 17, 2009


(PICTURE: The last daifuku in the box.)

I've always been pretty honest about why I wanted to live in Japan -- I love Japanese food.

Usually when we eat Japanese food in the states, we have green tea ice cream for dessert. In LA's Little Tokyo in downtown LA there is a shop that sells ice cream wrapped in mochi. Without a doubt that was my favorite Asian dessert until coming to Japan. Ice cream wrapped in mochi is now tied with sweet beans wrapped in mochi and covered in powdered sugar. This treat is called daifuku and is ridiculously good.

(PICTURE: That brown paste is sweet beans.)

After the Bondai-Atami festival, Masumi and Kensuke stopped and picked up some Daifuku at a little shop that they say is the best in Fukushima (that's the whole prefecture, not just the city of Koryama). Per usual, Masumi and Kensuke knew what they were talking about. The daifuku was soooooo actually took away the pain of my broken ass for a few minutes.

(PICTURE: Kensuke eating daifuku in his car.)