Wednesday, July 28, 2010


(PICTURE: Frat guy in Hanoi!)

Much to my surprise yesterday, I ended up driving behind a Zeta Beta Tau (or as we used to call them at Syracuse - ZBTools). A few of my best friends from college were in the ZBT fraternity so this post gives me a good opportunity to make fun of them a little bit. A few thoughts came to mind when I saw this guy driving down the street:

First thought: So this is where Goodwill shirts go when nobody wants them.

Second thought: This guy is the first Asian ZBT ever.

Third thought: Fraternities don't exist at Vietnamese universities but they should. In fact, Vietnamese men often epitomize the frat lifestyle. I too was in a fraternity but am way less fratty than the average Vietnamese man.

Fourth thought: I wonder which chapter of ZBT made these great t-shirts with Will Ferrell on them.

Fifth thought: I should start an Old School type fraternity here in Vietnam!

Sixth thought: Okay, Ben, time to grow up and stop taking pictures while driving a motorbike (especially two days after posting about wearing helmets!).