Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From C-Blocking To Internet Blocking

Last week Binh, my landlady, got in the way of a potential sleepover. That was annoying and frustrating however now she's gone too far. Now she's blocking my Internet access. Binh went away for five days and I think turned off the power at her house. I'm all for saving electricity but when you turn off the power you also turn off the wireless router. And well, you cut off my loyal readers from my daily blogs. Now I'm subject to writing this blog at my school while teachers fight over computer access time. It also means I can't post any pictures for a few days.

To update on a few other things:
1. The mouse/rat got caught in the cage....twice...and both times escaped. The food was gone, trap door closed but no mouse/rat. I just finally bought sticky pads. He's a dead man.
2. I finished watching Season 4 of The Wire. All four seasons were amazing. Last night I started Season 5. This was one of my goals for the year. Check it off the list.
3. I saw Indiana Jones the other night. Um, space aliens? Yeah, it's time to end the franchise.
4. Today I finish my cycle of Cipro. If my stomach hurts tomorrow I'm pretty sure I have some new Vietnamese super bug.
5. How awesome is the Euro cup!
6. My sister apparently is going to bail on me to hike the Appalachian Trail next year (unless McCain wins then she might join me). Anyone want to go for a long hike?