Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Vietnamese Birthday, Hannah!!!

Here's a short list of the things my sister is better at than me:

1. The SATs
2. Running marathons.
3. Helping to get Democratic senators elected.
4. Not eating meat.
5. Being a clutz.
6. Having imaginary friends until one is in their mid teens.
7. Being dependent on one's childhood blanket until their mid twenties.
8. Making spicy dips.
9. Patience.
10.Yearly/monthly resolutions.
11. Internet stalking.
12. Knowing people at Houlihans the night before Thanksgiving.
13. Singing.
14. Acting.
15. Dancing (we're tied though on making stupid frog-like faces).
16. Throwing up in cars.
17. Throwing up on boats.
18. Throwing up from smelling throw up.
19. Not leaving America due to a quarter life crisis (although she is leaving America exactly two weeks after she is turning 25. Hmmmm....)
20. Being amazing...and about a million other things.

Happy Birthday, Hannah! Have an amazing day and don't work too's not like the future of the world depends on what you're doing.