Thursday, November 11, 2010

Housewarming Gift

(PICTURE: The Nguyens are now the proud owners of the clock on the top left.)

My parents asked Huyen's parents if they could get them anything as a housewarming gift for their new house. When we relayed the question, Huyen's mother immediately replied that they could use a nice clock with a swinging arm. I found it pretty funny how precise her mom was; clearly my mother-in-law is a woman who knows what she wants!

My mother and I briefly flirted with the idea of her buying a clock in the states and bringing it with her to Vietnam. However, I think we both quickly realized that the chance of a large clock making it to Vietnam undamaged were about one in a thousand. Instead Huyen and I went clock hunting around Hanoi until we found the right one for the new house.

For those of you coming to the wedding, be sure to compliment the nice clock!