Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Kids In Huyen's Village

Whenever I go to Huyen's childhood home, I inevitably bump into a few very confused children. The kids all look at me like I just beamed down from some far away planet. This past weekend, while Huyen was picking fruit from a tree (see yesterday's video), I noticed a whole bunch of eyes peering through holes in the gate of Huyen's house; a group of children had gathered and were staring at me like a specimen under a microscope. I quickly walked towards the children to say hi, but they scattered down different corridors and alleys before I could get to them. I can only imagine that they thought I was planning on snatching them up and putting them on my spaceship which they must have thought was hidden in a rice field.

There were a couple of kids left in the alley along with some adults so I decided to shoot a tiny bit of video. In this video you can see Huyen's old neighborhood as well as some cute little kids: