Friday, March 25, 2011

Adjusting to New York...

(PICTURE: This came up when I googled "tiny New York apartment." We dream of a place this nice!)

Huyen and I had to leave our apartment at the beginning of March. Our contract had run out and the landlord had found a new tenant who was willing to pay more money than us. As much as I hate our old landlord, it was our fault since we had planned to leave March 1st before Huyen's boss asked her to stay on one more month.

Being an optimist, I see three huge benefits to this move:
1. We save $150 this month on rent which will allow us to travel about an extra 3-5 days on the backpacking budget we're putting together.

2. It helped us to pack up our stuff sooner and start figuring out what we need to bring back to America, give to Huyen's family or trash.

3. It's a good step to adjusting to living in New York City since our place this month is TINY. When Ryan was here, we lived in basically a New York brownstone. It had five floors with more or less five bedrooms and four bathrooms for just two of us. Huyen and I significantly downsized this past year when we moved in together. It was a a small apartment but perfect for just two of us. Now though, we're in a tiny little box that can barely hold the little things we've still got with us. the whole apartment is eighteen square meters which according to the converter on my cell phone is 193 square feet. I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a similar sized apartment in New York City. However, I'm sure the place in New York won't cost $210 a month (utilities included).