Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gone Fishing

(PICTURE: Me and my bamboo fishing pole. It was defective.)

For the second time in Vietnam, I went fishing. Unlike the first time when nobody caught anything, this time everyone caught something....except for me! The only logical explanation for me not catching anything is that the fish were clearly prejudice against Americans or more likely were anti-Semitic. Seriously, there's no other explanation because we were fishing at a FISH FARM!!! I was told that there about a ton of fish in this pond:

(PICTURE: The fish farm.)

To make matters worse, Huyen caught TWO fish. Yeah, I'm not gonna hear the end of this:

(PICTURE: Huyen's first fish.)

(PICTURE: Huyen's second fish. Braggart.)

As I wrote yesterday, the women were supposed to be home making cake. Huyen got invited along to serve as my translator and ended up catching the two biggest fish on the afternoon. Heck, now I understand why the men usually leave the women at home.