Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Max Frank Zucker

(PICTURE: The happy parents...and confused son.)

Yesterday afternoon my family got a little bigger. My cousin Adam and his wife Rachel gave birth to their first child, Max Frank Zucker.

I gotta tell you, Max is one lucky kid. Adam and Rachel are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The other day I went over to their apartment in New York City and their excitement about becoming parents was contagious. I even thought for a second about flying to Hanoi...

Lets be honest, once in a while you see a pregnant couple and think, "Geez, they're gonna be parents." Yes, I'm sure some people will say that about me one day too. However, the exact opposite is true with Adam and Rachel. After you see them together for two minutes you just know they're gonna be an amazing mom and dad.

Congrats, Cuz, Rachel and Max!

(PICTURE: Adam telling Max that he'll do the color commentary and Max will do the play-by-play for all college sports.)

(PICTURE: My Aunt Grandma Donna.)

(PICTURE: My cousin Aunt Dana.)