Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Minor Surgery

(PICTURE: This is sort of what my OR looked like.)

About a week ago I had very very very very very very very very very minor surgery. Frankly, I don't think surgery is even the right word but I like to use it to get sympathy from Huyen.

Long story short, I had an ingrown hair on my upper thigh that had become irritated. The skin around the area responded by making extra skin. Being where the skin was, it was quite annoying and often was getting irritated. Anyway, I'm making it sound worse than it was since it was literally about 1/4 the size of a pencil's eraser. However, it was annoying so I decided to get it removed.

Huyen and I went to the skin hospital and before the doctor would cut off extra skin, he insisted on taking a blood sample. Basically they wanted to make sure I didn't have HIV and that my blood would clot. After I passed all the blood tests, I was taken to the laser OR. Two ladies immediately escorted me into a room and told me to take off my pants. I hung them on a coat hook next to the operating table and then sat butt ass naked on the table. One thing that I found very interesting/disturbing at this point was that there was no sheet or plastic or ANYTHING on the table. Immediately I started to wonder how many other bare butts had been on the table that day. Well the next thing I knew the nurse/doctor (I have no idea what she was) had a scalpel in her hand and proceeded to cut off my extra skin. She then used a laser and lasered my leg where the skin was. The surgery was a success and I'm presently taking antibiotics and putting anti-bacterial cream on the spot. Just a few fun facts:

Total time in the hospital: Under 30 minutes (we left between the blood test and surgery).
Total cost of surgery: $12.50.
Total nightmares I've had since the surgery about my bare butt on the operating table: 3.