Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've had giant spiders, genius rats, hundreds of cockroaches, countless slug/worm things in my apartment over the last few months but at least I haven't had what my neighbor had in his apartment this morning.

At around 8AM today I went up to my roof to do a load of laundry. While up there I heard some rustling noises about fifty feet away and then saw a monkey jump out of a window. Tucked under his arm and grasped in the monkey's hand was some fruit. The monkey quickly climbed a pipe and scampered across a few rooftops.

From what I could deduce the apartment across the way had left their window open and the monkey saw/smelled a quick free lunch. The odd thing is this: THIS IS THE FIRST WILD MONKEY I'VE SEEN IN VIETNAM. In Cambodia the monkeys were everywhere. In Vietnam you see them quite often but they are always tied to a rope or in a cage--you know, the way God intended. This monkey was either someone's lost pet or had escaped from the zoo.

I quickly ran down two flights of steps to get my camera in hopes of capturing the monkey robbery but alas I missed out: