Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Time To Be Taken A Little Seriously

All of my classes are great except for one teenage class. There are 19 students in that class and all of them are well behaved except for four boys. Yesterday as they were being obnoxious two thoughts popped into my head:

Thought 1: One of my favorite children's books -- I'm blanking on the name (help, Mom)-- is about a teacher who is really nice to her students and doesn't get the respect she deserves. So the teacher calls in sick to the school and dresses up in all black and comes into the class as a "substitute." Her new personality is extremely mean and she disciplines the children. After a week or so of this the kids are dying for their old nice teacher and when she reappears they are the ideal class.

Thought 2: I read an article about a police force in Mexico who were required to grow mustaches. In fact, I think they were fined if they didn't have mustaches. The reason behind the facial hair demand was that they find in Mexico people with 'staches get more respect.

Well, I put those two thoughts together and today I'm going to class with a new mentality...and a new look:

(PICTURE: No comment on the clearly bent/gigantic nose, Dad)