Friday, October 8, 2010

Goodbye, Hue....Hello, Su!

(PICTURE: Read below to find out why there is a picture of Pink Eye on this blog.)

What is the most common thing people say after a vacation? Well, maybe this isn't the most common thing but I feel like people always say, "I can't wait to sleep in my own bed."

After spending four nights in a bed with Huyen, Huong and Viet Huong the only thing in the world that I wanted was my own not-so-comfortable bed to pass out on. As we flew on Vietnam Airlines I kept thinking to myself, "How good is my inch-thick mattress going to feel?" I could practically feel the wood panels that support my bed, as I sat in the back of a car going back to my apartment.

As I walked up the flights of stairs to my room, I could almost hear my bed calling to me: "Ben, come lay down. Relax. Get a good night's sleep." However, that voice didn't turn out to be my bed's. It turned out to be Su who greeted me with a giant smiling, "Hi, Ben! How was your trip?" After telling Su about the trip I asked Huyen as politely as possible, "Is Su staying here tonight?" Well, it turned out that four boys in his dorm room got pink eye so he was going to crash in our bed for a few nights. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed...with your brother-in-law.