Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just typing the title gave me chills. Yesterday's blog was my 600th post. Yes, Ahoy Hanoi has hit 600. As excited as I am about this milestone, I can't help but think how much other stuff I could have done with my time!

It has been a while since I posted some Ahoy Hanoi facts and stats so here they are:

- Ahoy Hanoi has officially past the century mark for countries. The site has now been read in 103 countries including non traditionally Jewish friendly nations like: the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen and Iraq!!!

- Ahoy Hanoi has had over 66,000 page views.

- 64% of the people who have visited my site have come back at least 9 times.

- The oddest google search words (non sex related) that directed someone to my site were: "Joe Biden's Bible." I have no idea how that got someone to by blog.

- The average viewer spends 2 minutes and 27 seconds on the site.

- All that said, Ahoy Hanoi has still not been read in South Dakota! I don't know what is crazier: the fact that nobody has stumbled on to my site there or that nobody who reads my site has traveled there and logged in!