Saturday, January 10, 2009

QUESTION: What is the king of the jungle in Thailand?

ANSWER: Poodles.

One of the weirder things that Hannah and I noticed in Thailand was the large amount of stray show dogs. It seems that lurking in every dark alley was a gorgeous poodle or a cocker spaniel or a corgi or a shar-pei or a chihuahua. These dogs were both cute and ferocious. Ironically we would often see a giant scary looking dog roaming the street and a poodle chained to a wall as if the poodle would tear someone apart. Even weirder, was the large amount of dogs that were wearing sweaters. It seemd that every little dog, even the strays, had sweaters on.

While Hannah and I were waiting in a bus station to go Sukhothai, the old kingdom, I caught on video a vicious little dog in a sweater in action: