Monday, November 24, 2008

Google Analytics II

This week Ahoy Hanoi reached a milestone: 900 unique readers. That's right, according to google analytics, 900 different people have signed on and read my blog. Out of those 900, 55% of the people have visited my site more than 8 times (75% more than 1 time). That means about 495 people are reading my blog on a regular basis. That's like the whole state of Delaware!!!

Just a few fun facts:

Fun Fact 1: I'm now being read in 45 countries. In the order of most read: USA, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Israel, Canada, Singapore, France, UK, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, Cambodia, China, (a random country whose IP address isn't being recognized), Thailand, Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Phillipines, Spain, Hungary, Norway, Austria, Denmark, India, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Laos, Croatia, Egypt, Indonesia, United Arab Emirites, Ireland, Taiwan, Finland, Poland, Latvia, South Korea and Costa Rica.

Fun Fact 2: Ahoy Hanoi is being read in 40 US States. That's right, screw you Louisianna, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virgnia, Indiana, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Vermont! I'm especially disappointed in Louisianna for not reading my blog. After Katrina, you would have thought someone in that state would have found my site looking into the Vietnam floods. How soon we forget...

Fun Fact 3: Most people are finding my site these days by googling "Ahoy Hanoi" into the search field of their search engines. "Hanoi Massage" and "Vietnamese Girlfriend" have dropped all the way down to the 7th and 8th most commonly searched words that led people to my site. Some other fun searches were: "sexy voice recordings", "I had to pee so badly", "flood in hanoi catch fish in the street", "hanoi bar girls" (which was next to "hanoi meeting girls"), straight up "hanoi sex massage", "massage hanoi happy ending", and of course "tighty whities locker room."

Keep on reading people!!!