Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weasel Coffee

A couple weeks ago Ryan and I finally tried weasel coffee. From what we had heard, weasel coffee is the best coffee in Vietnam. Sounds great, right? Well, you just have to get over exactly how the coffee got into your cup.

Here's the basic recap on how weasel coffee is made:

Step 1: A weasel approaches a coffee berry.
Step 2: A weasel eats said coffee berry.
Step 3: A weasel regurgitates said berry.
Step 4: The regurgitated coffeee berry is collected.
Step 5: The coffee berry is brewed.

Apparently other Asian countries have similar coffee that is passed through the digestive tracts of their local weasels. According to wikipedia this type of coffee is the most expensive in the world per pound. Vietnamese weasel coffee is a little cheaper since our weasels only puke it up and don't shit it out. Honestly though, you really do need that shit flavor to get that absolutely perfect cup of coffee.