Wednesday, December 2, 2009

18 Months

The other day I was riding the bike at the gym and started to let my mind drift. I began to think about December 29th, when I would be landing back in Hanoi. I imagined being greeted by Huyen, right in the lobby where the two of us met the first time. I can vividly picture the giant smile that will be on Huyen's face. It will be the same smile I saw when I landed in Hanoi in August, and the same smile I've seen thousands of times over the last year and a half.

As I thought about hugging Huyen at the airport, I became conscious to the fact that I was sitting on a bike at the gym with a giant smile on my face. Anyone who saw me must have thought I was either crazy or checking out the girl who always wears daisy dukes on the treadmill.

I've said for a long time that I know Huyen is the one for me because whenever I see her I smile. When putting together this video -- yes, another cheesy video -- I found myself laughing every time I heard Huyen's laugh on my old video footage. Smiling because you see someone and laughing because you know they're happy, well, those are pretty amazing feelings.