Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Year Of The Cat

(PICTURE: My worst nightmare.)

Happy year of the cat. There's no exclamation mark at the end of that first sentence for a reason -- I hate cats. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not like cats. I'm sure this anti-feline attitude comes from when I was a teenager and often cat-sat my best friend Brad's cat when his family went off on winter holiday vacations. While his family was in Florida enjoying the sun, I was changing putrid cat litters and gagging at the smell of cat food. I've often made enemies with people after going into anti-cat rants so I'll stop the hating here.

According to the lunar calendar, this is the year of the cat. I'm hoping that despite that this will still be a great year for Huyen and me since we've got a lot of big things on our upcoming calendar. Over the next few days I'll recant some stories from my Tet spent at Huyen's house. Now though you should watch this fantastic youtube video about facts about cats that my sister sent me. Enjoy!