Monday, March 29, 2010

Field Trip!!!

(PICTURE: Many of my fellow field trippers...)

Usually on Fridays I ask my students what they are going to do on the weekend (it's good practice for them to talk in the future tense). Well, one Friday my student Ngoc told me she was going to go on a field trip with her class from the National Economic University. I told her it sounded like fun and before I knew it I was invited to come along. Luckily I wasn't the only field-trip-crasher as my student Van (Banking Academy) came along too.

I met Ngoc and Van at 5:45 AM to start the field trip. We rendezvoused at Ngoc's university where we boarded an old rickety bus with about fifty students. Where we went, well, I'm still not sure. There was supposed to be a big waterfall but apparently it's the dry season so there was no water. However, the lack of waterfall didn't stop us from having a fun day. We hiked around the big national park and had a nice picnic. There was a lot of beautiful scenery and plenty of chances for pictures...

(PICTURE: Ngoc, three friends, Van and me at a National Park.)