Friday, May 9, 2008

Learning The Language II

Learning a new language isn't just hard for us Americans. Tonight I went to dinner with Huyen, a great girl Steve and I met at the airport when we picked up Devin. Huyen is literally the person who welcomes foreigners to Vietnam as she stands outside the arrival gate, wearing a traditional dress and passing out literature about Halong Bay.

Huyen is in her final few months at the University of Hanoi and is an extremely smart person. Besides her native tongue, she also speaks Russian fluently, English well enough to work part time as a tutor, French and a little Japanese.

But it's the English I want to talk about. This is just a little side anecdote that I found hilarious. Huyen and I walked into the movie theater and I, having a small bladder, asked where the toilet was. Huyen asked, "You have to go make water?" I wasn't exactly sure what she said so I asked, "What?" "You have to go make water?"

Yes, this English tutor was seriously asking me if I had to piss by saying, "You have to make water?"