Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roller Skating

Huyen and I went to a local park to go roller skating. The roller skates were clearly from the 1970s and hadn't had maintenance since at least then. The thing that I found oddest about the skates is the rink had not replaced the shoe laces when they had ripped. Everyone was skating around with only the bottom part of the skate laced up. Anyone who has ever played hockey knows that the most important part of the skate is the ankle. If the ankle isn't tight your foot will flop around and cause you to be unstable. I think it was because of this that only about two people in the whole rink didn't look like they were drunk while skating.

My father always jokes with me that if he had started me playing hockey earlier in my life "[I] could have been something." Well, if Huyen and I get married and I have kids I'm pretty sure hockey won't be their sport if they get their mother's skating gene. Trust me, this video is hilarious: