Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Boyfriend's Back And He's Better Than Before...

(PICTURE: Enjoying a late night coffee)

...Hey now, Hey now...Ryan's back!

They say that distance makes the heart grown fonder. Well, Ryan flew to Ho Chi Minh City last week to begin his teaching career. We had a heartfelt goodbye here in Hanoi, parted with a hug, and accentuated with a blog entry.

Well, 72 hours later I got an extremely long email from Ryan. Here are the first three sentences: "So I am moving to Hanoi. I'll probably fly to Hanoi on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. I have been utterly bored in Saigon..."

He went on to make a whole bunch of excuses as to why Hanoi is better for him than HCMC. But come on, I can read between the lines as well as anyone and he was clearly saying, "I miss you and I know that you need me right now. It's too much for you to lose all of your stuff and have your heart broken in the same week." So, Ryan came to my rescue. Even more so, we've decided to take the next logical step...

We're moving in together. I can already hear all of you ahoyhanoi fans gasping: "The shame! They're going to live in sin!" Well, rest assured that we've decided after much debate to get two bedrooms (even if it is just for appearances). I'll keep you posted on our new apartment but Dad, don't be surprised if Ryan shows up at work one day asking for my hand in marriage.