Friday, December 12, 2008

The Dirtiest Bathrom Ever. Period.

(PICTURE: Don't forget to brush your teeth.)

From time to time I've posted some blogs of things that aren't exactly up to my hygiene standards. Well, this one takes the cake. For months I've been meaning to bring a camera with me to this sidewalk restaurant my Vietnamese frisbee friends and I go to after we play on Saturdays.

The food at the bia hoi is great but the bathroom, well, it's pretty disgusting. The thing is, I've been in dirty bathrooms before and you'll never hear me complain. I mean, I lived in a fraternity house for a semester; dirty bathrooms are no big deal as long as I'm wearing shoes or sandals. The thing that gets me about this bathroom though is that above the urinals is a cup holding a toothbrush and toothpaste. That's right, this is the bathroom for the family who owns the bia hoi. You would think that they'd want to remove that cup before an assortment of roughly 40+ drunk men use their toilet every night. But hey, maybe I'm just anal.