Thursday, August 14, 2008

Worm Noodels Part II

(Huyen eating her bowl of eel noodles)

For those of you who don't read all the comments on the blog, you wouldn't have read the one posted by Anh in regards to my "Worm Noodles" posting a few weeks ago. Anh kindly pointed out that what I was eating was not worms at all but rather eels. Huyen confirmed this to be the true in a "lost in translation" moment.

If you recall, I didn't exactly like the "worm soup." Well, I thought I'd give it another chance now that I knew it was really just eels (Do you hear that noise? Yeah, it's my mom saying, "you think eels are better!". Well, yeah, I do. I happen to love eel sushi).

Huyen took me to a better eel noodle restaurant and indeed the soup was delicious. I estimate that I ate about thirty strips of eel.

While there Huyen told me there was something else delicious on the menu -- pigeon porridge. I got one as an appetizer:
(PICTURE: Yup, that's a full pigeon dropped into a bowl of porridge.)