Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gyoza and Takoyaki

You could probably live in Japan for three years and not try all the different types of food. I've only got three months so I'm trying to cram as much into my stomach as possible. Here's two more types of food that are really common in Japan:
(PICTURE: Gyoza at the "Gyoza Master" restaurant.)

Us Americans (and probably the rest of the world) are familiar with gyoza from Chinese restaurants because well, gyoza is Chinese food. However, gyoza are everywhere in Japan. In fact, I've seen them way more here than I ever did when I visited China. I've always been a gyoza fan and used to boil frozen ones all the time in my apartment in LA. I eat gyoza quite often here and recently went to a "Gyoza Master" -- a cook who specializes in making Gyoza. The gyoza were obviously delicious BUT not as good as the ones Masumi's mother made for me. Masumi has promised to teach me how to make gyoza so perhaps some day a few of you ahoy hanoi fans can email Masumi after trying my gyoza back in the states.

(PICTURE: Takoyaki chefs at a festival.)

The other food to mention now is takoyaki. Takoyaki are frend octopus balls. Yeah, I was as shocked as you are that Octopi have balls.