Thursday, February 11, 2010

Package From America

(PICTURE: Me holding my package from Ryan in front of the post office.)

Ryan recently sent Huyen and I a package in the mail. Ryan had gone hunting this past summer and shot an elk. He had the meat turned into jerky and promised to send us some in Vietnam. Well, the other day I got a notice that there was a package waiting for me at the post office. I took the slip of paper and headed to the address written on it (actually, first I took a photo of the paper and emailed it to Huyen at work since I had no idea what I was supposed to do).

The Post Office was as ridiculously unorganized as your imagination might lead you to believe. There were a dozen people trying to get the attention of the only lady working. No, there wasn't just one employee but only one who seemed to be working; the rest were just reading newspapers or napping behind the counter. I attempted to wait in a non existent line until another patron grabbed my paper and served as my agent. Sure enough, after just a couple more minutes, a postal worker showed up with Ryan's box. The box had clearly been opened by customs which made me shocked that there was still jerky inside since I thought for sure the customs agents would have eaten it. Well, the jerky smelled amazing which made it really hard to wait all day for Huyen to come home and share. However, my usually weak will power held out and I waited for Huyen. It's a good thing I did too because as I was about to take the first bite she said, "Wait! There's mold on that!" Sure enough, all of the jerky was covered in mold. I can't put into words how bummed out I was since my mouth had been salivating for months since the promise of this present. I emailed Ryan to thank him for the gift and to tell him about the mold. He wrote back: "Bummer... well, now we know shipping meat to Vietnam isn't the best idea."

Also included in the package was a belated birthday gift for Huyen. Here's a video of Huyen getting the surprise present:

The present is a four person Connect Four! Huyen and I will now be going to bars and challenging other couples to games...