Monday, June 22, 2009

Celebration Dance

Michael Halper is a long time friend of mine. I've known Mike since we started playing traveling soccer together in fourth grade. However, more importantly than Halper being my friend, he's an avid Ahoy Hanoi fan. For a while now, Halper has sent me emails complaining that I've never given him a shout out on the blog. In fact, Halper wrote me this email on May 26th after I mentioned on the blog a few of our classmates I had seen Memorial Day:

Would just like to point out that ___ and ___ made the blog before I did. I can't believe it!! Seriously, of all the meaningless events you pointed out on your blog over the year, I couldn’t get one shout out. I had a kid for cying out loud! You were on the distribution list (I think) of her first picture for one reason (and not because I like you)…SO I COULD MAKE THE BLOG!

On Saturday night I got to hang out with Halper and he decided to bribe his way on to the blog. After complaining to me in person that he hadn't been mentioned he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Oh, hey, are you still taking donations for the Habitat house?" I said I was and he opened up his wallet and handed me a donation. He then said, "This isn't just so I get on the blog." Well, Halper, congratulations, you made the blog and it isn't just because you donated towards the house...although that helped a lot.

Because Halper is a hell of a guy -- and this is a huge moment for him -- I'm gonna let him do a celebration dance on my blog: