Friday, March 18, 2011

Adventures with my mother-in-law!!! PART 2

(PICTURE: Huyen and my mother-in-law enter the fourth dimension.)

After going through the haunted house, Huyen and my mother-in-law went to see a 4-D movie. This alone is funny to me since Huyen's mom has never been to the movies. Instead of starting off with a conventional 2-D film or even jumping on the overrated 3-D bandwagon that has hit the world as of late, she went right in for a 4-D movie. If you've never been to a 4-D movie, the fourth dimension is the sense of touch. I saw a 4-D movie about ten years ago when I worked at Disney World in Orlando. The special 4-D element then was that something moved in the seats which felt like we were all sitting on bugs. Well, apparently they haven't figured out more way to add the fourth dimension -- or they boxed up and shipped the Disney theater here -- because that was exactly what happened in the film Huyen and her mom saw. Her mom jumped up when the "bug" in the seat started moving around. She also ducked when objects were shot at her in the movie. At some point she told Huyen that they should move to the side of the theater so everything wouldn't fly at them. Clearly she hadn't quite understood how 3-D works...but then again, I don't really understand how it works either.